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Diputación de Córdoba Art Space, Córdoba, Spain
April - Juin

'Los caprichos del flujo. CUERPO' is a site-specific installation that merges two separate disciplines: visual arts and oriental feng shui philosophy.

This installation is actually designed as the first in a series based on the purchase of photographs from online image banks (iStock and Fotolia). These stock photography banks, created for use in advertising, magazines and newspapers, are a living record of contemporary lifestyles. For the installation subtitled BODY, the artist bought six photographs related to physical relaxation and healing treatments. The mise-en-scène presents healing gestures, movements and tools that confront the visitor's own body in the form of enlarged prints pasted on the wall.

At the same time, the artist invited feng shui expert Beatriz Fernández to assess the energy of the Iniciarte Córdoba gallery using the Xuan Kong (Flying Star) and Form School methods. This analysis led to a series of conversations between the artist and the feng shui expert that determined the layout in the gallery, using the geomantic chart of the building to strategically distribute the photographs and materials.

The whims of flow. BODY is a reflection on the circulation of images today, the détournement of advertising images, creative authorship, and the intersection of unrelated disciplines and schools of thought.

Geomantic Chart by Beatriz Fernández

The exhibition catalogue features an essay by Berta Sichel.
Photos by Juan López.